The Social Works(Out) System

Last summer, I conducted research with over 500 small businesses who were social media users. What we found confirmed what I had been seeing in the classes I was teaching: small businesses are spending way too much time on social media. In fact, the average small business is spending an hour or so a day creating social media posts and other content. They need better tools because an hour is way too much time when you have products to sell, employees to hire, and other things to do!

An hour! An hour is a lot of time and could be much better spent chasing leads, developing new product or otherwise honing on their business talents. So, we’ve developed a system to make social media easier. It’s a tool for social media content creation called the Social Works(out) system.

Like an exercise plan, a social media content plan will help you to simplify your daily posting activity. It is based on the belief that there are three principles of effective social media post creation:

  1. Evangelize your broad community members and influencers
  2. Sell your products
  3. Drive conversation through beautiful engaging content that drives emotion.

If you follow these rules of creating content you will check all the boxes each week for the tactics needed to grow your social media following. And, you will do them at a reasonable pace and with intent.  Think of it like legs day, back day etc but brought to social media: community day, sales day, engagement day.

To make this easier for you, we’ve created a simple calendar. Print it out at home and fill it in with the content that you will post those days. For even more tips on what to post, when and where: follow us on Instagram. Our instagram account is a daily tip of the day on what to post exactly following our social media Social Works(out) System.

Download the Social Works System Here and find out more about the system in our book and a post on how to use it here on our blog.


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